My name is Andrew Reitemeyer and I am a Pirate.

I have installed WordPress on my site in order to solve a problem. I may well use this to blog on or to experiment with the various capabilities of the software. Time will tell.

I am a member of the Piratenpartei NDS (Pirate Party of Lower Saxony) and am on the board of my local electoral district chapter Osterholz. I am also a member of the Pirate Party in my erstwhile home of New Zealand where I will soon be returning.

Most of my writing is done for the Pirate Times where I am a contributor  and an editor  as well as being co-admin for its Facebook page.

In other, parallel, incarnations I am a New Zealander, a programmer, a father, a mensan, a gardner and a yurt enthusiast. backup to icloud Jectedestsearchmo